Flokati Basket Stuffer - 12 Colors


These 100% Flokati Wool Rugs are incredibly soft, thick, and plush. We only carry the best quality Flokati (there are many variations of quality out there). We searched high and low for the best flokatis based on thickness, plushness, and durability. These are the real deal!!

These Flokati stuffers measure 20" by 16.5". Perfect for basket, nest, and bucket shots.

International shipping available upon checkout. Please note, these are 20"x16.5" Flokati stuffers. If you are looking for larger Flokatis, please see our other listing. The images to the left are to show true color (not size of the stuffer). Images 1, 2 and 3 shows the true 20"x16.5" size Flokati in use.

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