Ultra Thick and Soft Kindred Sweater Knit Backdrop - Mauve


This will be your FAVORITE Fabric Backdrop! Super thick and very stretchy. They lay incredible! Each piece of fabric measures approximately 72 inches (2 Yards) in length by 60 inches, allowing for enough room to cover the top of the bean bag while elevating one end of the fabric to be used as a backdrop. This is a great sweater knit backdrop!

Here's a quick video of the fabric (we previously offered this material in different sold out colors):
Thick Kindred Backdrop Video

Shipping: All items are in-stock and ship the next business day (Mon/Wed/Fri) via 3 day Priority Mail. International shipping also available upon checkout. See our Store Policies for more detailed information. Shipping is higher on these backdrops as they're heavier (worth every dime).

Fabric Care: See our Store Policies for general fabric care instructions.

*** Wrap Discount Available ***
Save $4 on each wrap/backdrop combination. See wraps for coupon codes.